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SeAMK’s projects and experts support companies

Do you need support for the development and progress of yourself or your business or other organisation? Are you looking for a partnership, new perspectives, better well-being or new skills for your organisation or yourself? You are not alone, we can help you.

We offer a wide range of top-level and at the same time practical expertise. The backgrounds of our experts who work with companies and other organisation range from a long professional or corporate background to extensive research background. Cooperation with companies and other organisation is at the heart of our project work, therefore we have a practical understanding of the needs of working life.

You will get a versatile partner from us

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences’ projects produce new information in cooperation with companies and other organisations in order to support companies and organisations. There are project activities in all areas of SeAMK’s fields of education. We offer companies research and development environments that utilise the latest know-how and technology.

With SeAMK’s experts, you can develop your company and yourself. We are constantly running a huge number of projects aimed at developing companies and their staff, with the aim of developing and maintaining competitiveness.

The projects provide a variety of opportunities to share the latest information from different fields and at the same time build a dialogue across industry boundaries. Activities and events provided and organised by our projects are free of charge, which makes the participation threshold low for a small entrepreneur or members of the staff in larger organisations.

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