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Future Frami Food Lab

Project information

Project period:

The Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia,  European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 70 %, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences 15 % and Seinäjoki City 15 %

Project budget:
Investment project: (project number 401089) 928 725  €
Development project: (project number 400509) 611 058  €

Project coordinator:
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

Why is the project needed

International demand is growing for both animal and vegetable proteins. Based on the estimates of different market forecasts (Grand View Research, Inc., Boston Consulting Group & Blue Horizon Crop., and CRB), it can be concluded that the growth of the plant based protein market will be 70 % within five years. Similarly 25 % market growth is shown for animal proteins in the same time period. South Ostrobothnia is a significant protein producing province, where increasing the processing value can generate tens of millions euros in revenue growth for the business community. Developing the added value of products requires improved expertise to enrich protein fractions alongside product application expertise.

The accumulation of critical mass in South Ostrobothnia requires the accumulation of knowledge-based activities, a sufficiently hight level of expertise and level of doing, as well as high-quality testing and piloting environments. Food technology has remained at the interface between different disciplines, which is why there are no proper research and piloting environments for it in Finland. In the project, the investmen enables qualitative cooperation to accumulate expertise in South Ostrobothnia.

Aim of the project

The main goal of the project is to increase the role of Southern Ostobothnia as a food province and as a leading expert in food technology and processes in Finland and as an internationally significant operator, and to strenghten the role of Frami Food Lab as a testing platform for food technologies and processes and as a recognized center of expertise in the field. The development of sustainable vegetable and ready-made food technologies and animal-based production methods for the development of food systems. Consolidating national and international R&D acitivities in the field and strengthening the role of Southerns Ostrobothnia as Finland’s leading food province, which is at forefront of future change and development of new food technologies.

Target groups

  • Small and medium-sized companies
  • Universities
  • Research institutes
  • Vocational schools and high schools
  • Seinäjoki City
  • Southern Ostrobothnia province

Workplan of the project

Project is divided to seven working packages

  • Working package 1 – Strengthening the community network of the networked operating model of food system
  • Working package 2 – Introduction of the networked operating model of the food system
  • Working package 3 – Development of sustainable vegetable and ready-made food technologies and production methods of animal products
  • Working package 4 – Synthesis of food technology and automation solutions as part of the green transition
  • Working package 5 – Development of Be inspired  operating model for designing product concepts made with new technologies and pre-testing products
  • Working package 6 – Influencing
  • Working Package 7 – Project administration and management


The concrete results of the project are:

  • Elevating South Ostrobothnia from a follower of European food systems networks to a pioneer in the food industry
  • Indentifying competence gaps and the creation of new companies through the indentification of competence gaps
  • Development of the presented operating model for the food technology competence center
  • Building a permanent cooperation model between the business world and educational and  research institutions for the development of future food technologies and production methods.
  • Development of a permanent cooperation model for implementing  digital process solutions in the food industry
  • Development of an operating model for the desing of product concepts made with new product technologies and raw materials and the preliminary testing of products
  • Develops the food technology competence center’s brand, communication and ifluence plan
  • A food technology piloting and innovation environment is being built in South Ostrobothnia

The long-term results of the project:

With the project, strategic cooperation and continuous interaction with business life will increase, as will networked cooperation with other national and international operators in the field. The competence level of food technology will be raised to the international top level, and the future competence needs will be met. The technological ecosystmes created by the project serves as a pilot platform for testing product concepts and as an enabler of business academy training.










Joni Viitala

Project Manager






Terhi Junkkari

Principal Lecturer





Juuso Kumpulainen

Laboratory Engineer





Alisa Ala-Huikku

Expert, RDI





Matti Leppälehto

Asiantuntija, tki