Information dissemination for farms about the climate change, wildfires and storms

Background for the project

There have always been wildfires and storm damage as a part of the global forest ecosystem dynamics. However, the climate change has resulted in long-time drought periods, that has caused serious wildfires in Southern Europe and in Canada during the last years. The administration has “woken up” to prevent the risk of wildfires. Recently, storm damage has occurred in central Europe and in Sweden. It is assessed that the climate change will gradually increase the amount of wildfires and storms in Finland, when climate become warmer.

South Ostrobothnia is a very important food production region in Finland. The security of food chain and animal-welfare is important. Due to national security of food supply, the farms should work without interruptions and accidents. Thus, the farms should have resilience as well as preliminary protection against wildfires and storms. The battle against the risks and threats is needed.

The aim of the project

In this project, information dissemination about wildfires and storms for farms will be given in the region of South Ostrobothnia. First, information about emergency planning will be given for the farms to get ready for wildfires and storms. Secondly, information about the crisis actions during the fires and storms will be given. Third, instructions for after-care of the accidents will be given for the target group.

Project actions

The project includes the following work packages (WPs) for the information dissemination:

  • WP1 Emergency planning
  • WP2 Actions in crisis during wildfires and storms
  • WP3 After-care
  • WP4 Project management and communication

The project consortium

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences is the project coordinator in 2024-2025. Co-operation with the Rescue Department of South Ostrobothnia is carried out. The Finnish Forest Center is an important co-operator, too. In the terms of wildfires, the experiences of Italians and Spaniards will be discussed, as well.

The project target group

The project is for the farms in the region of South-Ostrobothnia. Also, advisor organizations, teachers, researchers, and rescue departments as well as food-supply chain get the utility via this project. There are no project participation fees.

Project duration

The project duration is for the period of  1st of January 2024 – 30th of June 2026.

The project results

The project materials (e.g. articles, videos and guidebook) are public and will be published on online platform of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and without fees. The materials will be open access after project. The project will also perform a network of project actors.


For further project information, please, contact:

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Risto Lauhanen

Senior expert RDI, Associate Professor